Company Honors

Company Honors-BEIJING LIER
PrizeLssue agency
Tax credit a Beijing State Taxation Bureau
Beijing city civilization unit Beijing chamber of Commerce
Changping District industry university research integration demonstration enterprise Changping District science and Technology Committee
08 years in refractory industry leading enterprises China industry
Outstanding contribution award Changping Beijing Committee
08 years of leading enterprises China industry
06 annual civilized enterprise Changping Beijing Committee
Outstanding contribution award Changping District Beijing people's Government
08 years of refractory material supply base Tianjin steel pipe group purchase Co., Ltd.
08 years of top ten enterprise charity Changping District Beijing people's Government
Outstanding tax enterprise Xiaotangshan Town People's Government
Advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction Xiaotangshan Town People's Government
07 year operating key enterprises Xiaotangshan Town People's Government
2006 leading enterprises China industry

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