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Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 April 2013, the reorganization and integration, become Beijing lier high temperature materials a wholly owned subsidiary of Limited by Share Ltd. Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, is a set of high temperature industrial research and development, the production of refractories manufacturing, engineering design and project contracting as a national high-tech enterprise, is a large state enterprises, State Economic and Trade Commission and other ministries of the national science and technology progress demonstration unit, the Ministry of science and technology of high-end magnesite refractory materials industry base of leading enterprises, Chinese outstanding private technology enterprises, magnesia materials industry in Liaoning province famous enterprises, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Enterprise credit grade AAA enterprise, is China integrity of the top ten enterprises, provincial credit unit. As the national Ministry of science and technology of magnesite refractory industry base and long-term leading enterprises, universities and research centers at home and abroad to maintain close cooperation, the introduction of absorption of a large number of scientific research personnel engaged in the work of new product development and technology research. Company R & D center to build a complete physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with advanced physical and chemical testing equipment, was identified as the Liaoning provincial enterprise technology center.

Company registered capital of 65 million yuan, the company's existing staff of 525 people, there are 76 professional and technical personnel, of which 8 are professors, senior engineer 32 people, engaged in high-tech and product development and technical personnel 38 people. The researchers have many years of experience in related field and research results, are the industry leader, middle school and University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, and Luoyang Institute of refractories in China's top universities and research institutes to establish a technology partnership of long-term stability, and the introduction of perennial authoritative technical experts in Japan Austria, South Korea, the enterprises directly participate in technical development work, so the company's strong technical force, the development conditions and a good foundation, with the domestic industry leading technology research and development production and sales team.

Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Co. Ltd. production now equipped with ultra high temperature tunnel kiln 4, molding press 26; high temperature shaft kiln 8, molding pressure ball production line two; unshaped production line 5. Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Limited company with an annual output of high Mg Fe calcium sand, unshaped refractory materials, alkaline bricks 300 thousand tons. The leading products include calcium magnesium iron series of ramming material, repair materials, magnesia and magnesia series of mending material, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesite brick and sintered magnesia brick etc.. The products are mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, electric furnace, converter, RH, AOD, ladle, tundish, glass furnace regenerator, nonferrous metallurgy furnace, cement kiln furnace, and exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Romania, Turkey, Billy, Russia Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Australia, Morocco and other countries and regions.

Liaoning ZTE Mining Co., Ltd. for many years to undertake a number of national, provincial and municipal major science and technology projects, the company applied for 21 patents, which won the license to invention patents 13, 2 utility model patents. In 2013, the "joint development" project of "the technology of iron and steel refining and Nonferrous Metallurgical Environmental Protection magnesium chrome brick", approved the national international science and technology cooperation project project. Independent research and development of 6 to fill the gaps in the domestic products; 3 to fill the gaps in the world of products. The product won the national new product award, the Ministry of agriculture, science and technology progress award, outstanding new products in Liaoning Province outstanding scientific and technological achievement transformation of Liaoning province third-prize, Anshan Municipal Science and technology progress award. And was included in the national Torch Program, Spark Program and Chinese high-tech products export directory. According to the "Beijing Liaoning Montreal magnesia refractory base" construction planning, Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Co., the building will become the domestic first-class, international advanced, magnesia refractory materials production and processing center with perfect function, complete varieties ". 2-3 years is expected to Liaoning ZTE Mining Co., Ltd. to build a domestic base for the research and manufacture of basic refractories aircraft carrier.

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